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IN-P-M Series Buckling Pin Pressure Relief System

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IN-P-M series buckling pin pressure relief valve is a perfect combination of buckling pin technology and quarter-turn on-off valve.

The cavity of the bucking pin assembly is connected to the upstream of the butterfly valve through pressure sensing line, and the force will be transmitted to the buckling pin by the stem.

When the set pressure of the buckling pin relief device is low, the driving force produced by pressure (namely the thrust force or torque made by pressure with valve disc) is very limited. The designers of buckling pin valves have always been finding the difficult compromise between the burst accuracy and the sealing performance, because the accuracy of the buckling pin device is mainly determined by the proportion of friction in the total drive force. To guarantee the accuracy under low pressure, the designers must minimize the frictions of sealing systems as much as possible by means of reducing the intensity of pressure or the contact width between sealing elements, and this will inevitably sacrifice the sealing performance.

RELIABLE IN-P-M series buckling pin devices apply an innovative force-assist mechanism, and such a design makes it feasible to select the right sealing system of the butterfly valve without the restriction of service medium pressure, and then the employ of sealing system suitable for cryogenic service becomes realistic. The force-assist mechanism will overcome the frictions of sealing system, and the open of butterfly valve under low pressure can be guaranteed. Such a design makes IN-P-M series buckling pin devices achieve both best accuracy and best sealing performance, which are the foundation of the long term operation of the flare system.


Product Features

● Force-assist mechanism overcomes the frictions of sealing system, such a design makes it realistic to achieve both best accuracy and sealing performance, and solve the inherent problems of traditional buckling pin devices. RELIABLE IN-P-M series buckling pin device is the best choice for low pressure service.

 Design, manufacture and test of buckling pin assembly as per ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Section VIII.

 Only one moving part in the buckling pin assembly, which moves axially only, simple and reliable.

 The stem of buckling pin assembly transmits all the force generated on the piston to the pin directly, and there is no complex intermediate mechanism. Such a simple transmission of force eliminates the disturbance caused by intermediate mechanism and thus guarantees the accuracy of set point.

 The pin buckles and the valve opens in millisecond for immediate pressure relief.

 The burst of valve is independent of back pressure.

 Sealing grade can be guaranteed until the pin buckles.

 The buckling pin assembly can be used on double or triple offset butterfly valves, no pressure, temperature and size limit.

 High reliability in the long term running, no periodical replacement of sealing is required.

IN-P-M-U (for ultra-low pressure service)

RELIABLE can supply buckling pin devices with set pressure low to 3 kPa.

For more information, please contact RELIABLE.

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